Working with Sahana Software Foundation in this Year Summer

I’m very much happy to say that I have been selected to the Google Summer of Code 2011. My project is “Creating a installation process for Vesuvius”. This is a great opportunity for me to contribute for Open Source Development and I try my best to complete this project within the given time period.

More information of this project can be viewed by the below wiki page.


Google Summer of Code 2011 is Announced

You may all know about Google Summer of Code. It is a program organized by google to support Open Source Developments. This program is normally held in Summer every year. You can also contribute to open source development projects under Google Summer of Code if you are satisfied the requirements. Many open source application developments are take part in this program and the give various types of projects for the students to complete. If you complete it within the given time frame then you will be given money and a valuable certificate  by google.

It is very much important to participate in a open source project to get the experience. In this program the experience you get is the most important thing because you have to work with the developers of the open source projects and that is the opportunity for you to share your ideas with them as well as to get the experience by working with the experienced people in those projects. Hope you will participate in this program. I have given a link below and it will help you to get more information on Google Summer of Code 2011. Wish you all the best..

To get more information click on the below link.

Google Summer of Code 2011-Official Website


You are welcome to share your ideas about Google Summer of Code.

Issue in Booting Ubuntu 10.10 with the Live CD

Ubuntu 10.10 has released and it is amazing. I discuss here a problem I faced when booting the computer with CD.

When I tried with booting Ubuntu 10.10 with Ubuntu CD it was stuck at the last moment. The last moment means after booting with the CD at some point it ask to “Try Ubuntu” or “Install Ubuntu”. When I clicked on Try Ubuntu option then the system got stuck. I don’t know the reason for that yet. But I tried it with my Dell laptop and also with a HP Pavilion laptop. Both gave me the same problem. I think there is a issue with that. After got stuck the machine I click on the close button of that window and then it asked for verifying the closing of the window. After verifying it then it booted with the CD.
If you get the same problem when booting with the CD share your ideas here.

Tired with HP Notebooks

This is a real story that happened to me. Me and three of my friends in the University bought four HP Pavilion DV 5 1104TX entertainment note book spending Rs 130000 (1300 USD) in the September 2008. It had one year international warranty too. At that time this was the newest HP Pavilion series in the market. So we were proud about that and it was a amazing notebook for us with a great configuration. Then we used it about six or seven months without no problem.

Then after seven months it started giving a slight problem with the display. This thing was started happening all the notebooks except my notebook. There was no problem for them because the notebooks were under warranty period. The problem was it was showing some lines when the machine was booting. Then it became worst and they couldn’t even work after booting the machine. It occurred continuously. Then they all claimed for warranty and got replaced the display. In my note book there were no problems. Then the warranty period expired.

After one month of expiring warranty battery of my notebook was dead. I tried to claim the warranty and they told me that the warranty has expired and they cannot help with it. They told me to replace the battery after paying Rs 11000 (110 USD). I didn’t have money at that time in my hand and so I didn’t replace it and used it continuously without the battery of it. After three or four months of that one day when I tried to boot the notebook the electricity disconnected suddenly and my notebook switched of at once. Then after that when the electricity came back I tried to switch on my notebook. But I couldn’t do it. Then I took it to a technician and they told me that the motherboard has burnt and I have to replace the motherboard after spending another Rs 45000 ($450USD). I was very much disappointed about that. Before few weeks  of this it also started giving that display problem also in my notebook. So to replace the display it will cost around Rs 20000 (200USD). So altogether to repair my notebook it will cost about Rs 76000 (760 USD). So using that money I can buy a brand new notebook with warranty. So I sold it for parts and now I’m searching for a good laptop brand except HP. I will never buy HP notebooks again.

At this time all the other notebooks which bought with me are giving more problems. One is having the battery issue with the display issue again. The other two have the battery issue. So this pavilion series is a very bad series. We all are tired with this series. We all will never buy HP products again.

If you are also going to buy notebooks concern about these things. If you also have such an experience share it with us.

Google Summer of Code 2010

Hi, After along time after a busy schedule for me thought of writing a Important post. Google summer of code(GSoC) for year 2010 has been announced now. This is a competition for developing open source projects for the students. Students which are above 18 years old can participate in this projects. Most of the times students who are in schools and colleges are applying for this. Various organizations are take part in GSoC by providing various types of open source projects and students have to submit a proposal for the organization which they are going to develop the project. The applications from mentoring organizations will begin in 8th March and it will be closing on 12th March. Students can apply project proposals from 29th March to 9th Aprail.

Its very important to participate in such a competition because it will give you a big experience about the technologies and you can sometimes meet the people online who has contribute for huge popular open source projects and it will be a great chance to share their experiences with us. You can be also a member of the open source community. So it is worth trying for that.  This time I also hope to apply for a project and I invite all of you to apply for a project, because some of my friends have apply for one of these projects and they have gain a huge knowledge about open source applications and technologies. Wish you all the best

For more details follow this link……….